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How to invest in distributed solar power systems to get better profits in China?

How to invest in distributed solar power systems to get better profits in China?
Issue Time:2017-04-15

Invest in distributed solar power systems to get better profit

    2017.3 China's National Energy Board Announced: In the future, the residual power of the distributed solar   power can be sold not only to the grid but also to the nearest user in the distribution network. The new policy makes the user part of the electricity sales increased by about 0.1 yuan.

    Because of this kind of market-oriented transaction, more and more investors poured into the field of distribution of solar power projects investment. There are indications that the parties have been gearing up into the field of distributed solar power, this year will be the era of distributed solar power outbreak.

    When investors want to vote for distributed solar power projects, the first consideration is the question of money, how to find a high power generation, high return on investment and reliable projects.

 How to get faster, more accurate access to professional new energy resource data,is the investors can successfully open a new project basis.

    In China, there is a free professional tool for the assessment of solar energy and wind energy resources. It mainly helps the investors to understand the information such as geography, meteorology,resources, electric field, equipment, grid connection and power supply for the new energy development and investors. To solar power, wind power system power generation efficiency, and ultimately complete the return on investment accounting.

Problems and Solutions of Distributed solar Power System Investment:

1.Roof distributed photovoltaic system is not safe? Will there be any risk of construction?

At present, distributed solar power generation system has been developed for several years, already has a very mature market experience.Design and technology is also very safe and reasonable.According to the different building environment to design the installation program.The common concrete roof, villa glazed tiles oblique roof, or the roof of the factory color steel tile roof, are available to build a distributed solar power.

2.Whether the state subsidy will be canceled?

On the issue of subsidies, the state for the self-use mode subsidy 0.42 yuan / degree period is 20 years,From the completion of solar power generation systemthe next 20 years are to receive 0.42 yuan electricity subsidies; if some day to cancel the subsidies, the previous construction of the solar power station Are not affected. It's the golden opportunity to invest in solar power plants.

3. What kind of solar cable selection

One common factor for most of the solar power systems is outdoor use solar cable, characterized by high temperatures and high UV radiation. DC string cables must be class II double insulated to protect against short circuits and ground faults.

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