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Selection of power adapter

Selection of power adapter
Issue Time:2017-04-19
    Power adapter is a high precision, high efficiency power supply.The power adapter is used to convert AC mains into low-voltage direct current, providing stable power for laptop work, and even called the "power source" of  laptop.
    Is the power adapter with a different output current generic?Is the battery and power adapter working the same way?How do we choose the right power adapter?
    As we all know, the power adapter is connected by two parts,one side is the power adapter, the other side is the power cord and insert the laptop hole,When the power adapter part of the failure,sometimes we just replace that part of it, and do not have to change the power cord,of course it is best to buy a new set.now the problem is that the same nominal voltage of the power supply,if the output current is different,can it be used in the same laptop?The basic principle is:large nominal current power supply can replace the small standard current power supply.Some people may misunderstand the large rated current will damage the computer.In fact, When the voltage is the same, the magnitude of the current depends on the load. In short the current is equal to the voltage applied to the laptop divided by the equivalent resistance.A large nominal current supply has sufficient current allowance and will not be overheated after the replacement of the subtitle current supply or the output voltage is too low.On the contrary,a small current power supply instead of high current power on the existence of the above risks.
    The battery and power adapter work differently.The battery power output is pure DC and directly connected to the DC transformer module,the battery voltage is neither possible nor need to design a very high.The use of power adapter power supply is a bit complicated,first of all need to adjust the voltage  to ensure stable operation of the power supply.And then the voltage is divided into two, one the way to the work of the power supply,the other way to the battery charge.The part of laptap charging is the same as battery charging.The part of the battery charging through the battery charge control circuit to add to the battery.So the power supply voltage must be greater than the cell voltage,have sufficient pressure margin supply to the charge control circuit of the unit.
    Learning the above knowledge,we know about that how important to choose a suitable power adapter for laptop.If you are still hesitant to choose the power adapter, I recommend you safe andreliable power adapter from Shenzhen Kuncan electronics Co.,Ltd.  Shenzhen Kuncan Electonics Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer, supplier of power adapter.

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