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Who killed the US solar industry?

Who killed the US solar industry?
Issue Time:2017-04-24
In recent years, the face of the increasingly imminent energy crisis.The development and utilization of new energy is a global focus, solar energy as one of the earlier development of new energy,  access to rapid development, as of now the global solar industry scale reached 65 billion US dollars. The United States began to participate in the beginning of its birth. NASA first improved solar panels for early satellites and Apollo missions. US companies have been manufacturing and selling solar panels for 40 years. 
But why is the size of the US solar industry so small now?
Solar energy industry is mainly distributed in East Asia, their solar energy production accounts for more than 60% of global production, while North American companies in the global total solar energy production accounted for only 3%. One reason is that labor costs in East Asia are lower than in the United States, but that is not the only factor. Compared with the global semiconductor industry, Both the computer chip and the solar panel appeared during the cold war,And they were commercialized before 1980. Asian markets were largely controlled by the United States before the rise of Asian companies in the mid-1990s. However, the United States has been leading the computer chip industry, 20 years has been occupied more than half of the market. Why the US solar industry can not do this?
"Science Advances" pointed out that the great changes in the 1970s and the 1980s changed the structure of the US economy, making the US companies can not develop new industries and markets. They have caused particularly serious damage to the solar industry, leading to the lack of financial support for the technology during the critical period of development. These conditions are still present, and unless they are resolved, they may restrict the effects of carbon taxes or aggregate control and trading systems. These conditions are still present, and unless they are resolved, they may restrict the effects of carbon taxes or aggregate control and trading systems.
What is the current situation in the solar industry across the United States?
First, in the 1960s, the government's space program developed solar panels. Then, in the 1960s and early 1970s, a small number of entrepreneurs in the industry, most of whom were involved in early space programs, had a vision of applying solar energy to the planet and creating a market for the technology. They have always believed that solar energy is still very immature, but also can not compete with the traditional power. The first markets they focused on were radio stations in remote areas, railroad crossing and African villages that were not on the grid. They want to slowly in these markets to expand the use of solar energy, and then slowly to the larger market close.
At the same time, government departments responsible for formulating energy policies want to develop solar energy like developing nuclear energy. They want to very quickly enhance the size of solar energy, as fast as possible to build large-scale power station. Large enterprises also want to quickly expand the scale of solar energy. For them, this technology must be a huge return, it must become a mainstream technology, so that they will bet on the big bet. If you only sell solar panels to African villages, or create smaller consumer electronics, they will not be interested in getting involved.
How does the US solar industry develop?
To make solar energy a mainstream technology, the industry needs to make a lot of innovation. Solar energy is still intermittent energy, it does not come in handy without sun exposure, so you have to find a way to store and transmit it. The design of the grid does not allow continuous solar energy input to the grid, We still need a lot of innovation, we must be long-term investment in the future - long-term investment results of course, is unpredictable. Innovation itself is uncertain; companies can not know what the specific investment. The development of solar energy is also long-term; it competes directly with fossil fuels; it is a capital-intensive industry. There must be some kind of corporate restructuring in the field to promote innovation, there must be some kind of policy to make it break with the status quo, that is, the current business is mainly focused on short-term quarterly performance and stock performance, rather than long-term development.
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