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How to use car cigarette lighter correctly

How to use car cigarette lighter correctly
Issue Time:2017-04-26

The correct use of cigarette lighter car charger

The car cigarette lighter ( also called a cigar lighter cable ) in a car was initially designed to power an electric ally heated cigarette lighter, it also is a standard DC connector to supply electrical power for portable accessories used in reliability. While the cigarette lighter is a common feature of automobiles and trucks, as a DC power connector it has the disadvantages of bulkiness, relatively low current rating,and poor contact reliability. Now, We are going to talk about How to use cigarette lighter correctly .

Many portable electronic devices such as music players or mobile telephones use a cigarette lighter receptacle to recharge their internal batteries or to directly operate from the vehicle electrical system. Adapters for electronic devices may change voltage to becompatible with the supplied device. Devices that require alternating-current mains electricity can be operated with a plug-in inverter. With the increase in the number of smokers, Car manufacturers may offer a cigarette lighter .Usually, only one 12 V receptacle near the driver will be able to accommodatean actual cigarette lighter, with other receptacles designated as "12 Vauxiliary power outlets" which are not physically able to power a lighter.

The traditional cigarette lighter is a metal or plastic cylinder containing a thin flat coil of nichrome metal strip, through which high current passes when the device is activated, usually by pushing it into the socket as though it were a push-button. When pushed in, the lighter is held against the force of a spring by a clip attached to a bi-metallic strip.The heating element glows orange hot in seconds, causing the bi-metallic strip to bend and release the mechanism, and the handle pops out, eliminating the need for the smoker to time the heating operation. If the cigarette lighter is then promptly removed from its socket, it can light a cigarette or cigar.

The use of cigarette lighter to supply 12 volt DC power is a classic example of backward compatibility to a deface to standard. The connector falls far short of ideal, being physically large and awkward to use. Nevertheless, cigarette lighter are in widespread use, and all but the lowest-cost cars, trucks, RVs, and even boats can be expected to have such receptacle. Portable cigarette lighter attached to cables and alligator clips for connection directly to car batteries are available for temporary use. In newer vehicles, one or more USB connectors may also be provided, as a source of modest amounts of 5 volt DC power, but even in these situations a cigarette lighter receptacle is provided for 12 volt DC power, and for applications that require higher amperage.

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