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How to maintain the car cigar lighter cable

How to maintain the car cigar lighter cable
Issue Time:2017-05-10

The maintain of car cigar cable

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    The car cigar lighter cable in a car is designed to power an electric ally heated cigarette lighter. In addition to light a cigarette, cigar cable also supply electrical power for portable accessories used in reliability. The cigar cable power generally input 12V DC, output 5v 1-3A. Different models may be different, the middle elastic head is positive, negative side buckle. It is directly connected with the vehicle battery, power battery current with the same. The cigar cable is a common feature of automobiles.

    With the development of automobile electronic technology, a variety of additional electronic equipment in cars, all need through the cigar lighter cable to connect the automobile power. It can be said that we use a variety of electronic equipment in the car, already can not do without the cigar cable. Cigar lighter cable failure probability thus also increases.

Since the car cigar cable so widely used, then how should we maintain the car cigar cable ?

    Due to long-term use, we repeatedly pulled out,insert, will cause the circlip is loose, will also can not lighter electric heater.Repeated plugging and unreasonable use of easy to cause electrical short circuit, fire insurance.

    If the car cigarette lighter burned insurance, what should we do? Do not increase the ampere value of the fuse to avoid burning the ampere fuse.

    If the cigar lighter cable circlip loose, what should we do? If the cigar lighter cable circlip loose,leading to not work properly, use the tools to adjust the cigar lighter circlip angle, The angle of the cigar lighter circlip should not be too large but also small. Generally failures occur, which belongs to the structural damage of cigar lighter most of them can be solved by adjusting the cigar lighter circlip.

    If the cigar lighter spring break , what should we do? The cigar lighter cable spring break, which is unable to repair the damage, only the replacement of the cigar lighter socket.Therefore, we should pay attention to the rational use of car cigar cable.

    Shenzhen Kuncan Electronics remind : The cigar cable is small, But it can recharge many portable electronic devices such as music players, car black box, car GPS or mobile phones  internal batteries or to directly operate. It can make our car journey happier.

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