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Car Cigarette Lighter socket will be replaced in the future?

Car Cigarette Lighter socket will be replaced in the future?
Issue Time:2017-05-17

Car Cigarette Lighter Socket Be Replaced?

    Car cigarette lighter socketalso referred as the variously 12V auxiliary power outlet, is the primary method by which power is delivered to portable electronics in automobile, boats, and a handful of other contexts. While cigarette lighter sockets were originally designed to heat up cigarette lighters, they quickly gained popularity as a automotive electrical outlet.

Some vehicles come with multiple cigarette lighter sockets for the express purpose of powering electronic devices,although it is uncommon for more than one to be capable of accepting a cigarette lighter. Accordingly, the specifications for these car cigarette lighter sockets  include two variants: one that works with cigarette lighters an done that doesn’t.

Different from the generator, the alternators found in modern automobiles produce alternating current, which is converted into direct current to charge the battery and provide accessory power. Although this type of electrical system still doesn't provide entirely uniform voltage, the voltage output does remain relatively steady regardless of how fast the alternator is spinning, which was a key factor in the rise of the car cigarette lighter as a DC power outlet.

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How to use a car cigarette lighter Socket?

Since carcigarette lighters weren’t  originally intended  for use as accessory sockets,there are a few inherent issues with using them in that capacity. Accordingly,using cigarette lighter have to be capable of working around these shortcomings.

The biggest issue with using a car cigarette lighter socket is the size (inner diameter and depth) of the receptacle itself. Since there is some variation in the size of a receptacle, The car cigarette lighter plugs typically have spring-loaded contacts. That allows them to maintain electrical contact within a given range of tolerances, but it also means that the plug may lose electrical contact from time to time.

Another issue with using a car cigarette lighter socket is related to the way that automotive electrical systems work. Although modern alternators are capable of maintaining are latively uniform voltage output, the normal operation does allow for a range of output voltages.Considering this, all automotive electrical accessories have to be capable of running on roughly 10-15V DC. In many cases, a built-in DC to DC converter is used to convert the variable input voltage to a steady output voltage on the fly.

Cigarette Lighter socket will be replaced in the future?

Although smoking is harmful to health, car cigarette lighters are unlikely to be replaced soon. Some automotive have shipped over the years without cigarette lighters, and others have included an accessory cigarette lighter socket with a blank plug instead of a lighter, but the idea of ditching the car cigarette lighter altogether still hasn't caught on. Moreover, the cigarette lighter socket is not only using car cigarette lighters for the purpose, but also widely used in charging for many portable electronic devices.The car cigarette lighter is replaced? It seems to be not so easy to implement a short period of time. 

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