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What is the standard for power plugs in all countries of the world?

What is the standard for power plugs in all countries of the world?
Issue Time:2017-05-25

The standard for power plugs in all countries of the world

    What is the standard for power plugs in all countries of the world? Do you know about the voltage conditions in each country?

    The type of power cord plugs and voltage around the world are different, that is particularly important for travelling abroad friends and student studying abroad. 

At present, the world's indoor electricity used by the voltage there are two general, Respectively, 100V ~ 130V, and 220 ~ 240V. The 100V, 110 ~ 130V are classified low pressure, The 220 ~ 240V is called high pressure.

   Below is a complete overview of all countries of the world and their respective power cord plugs, voltages and frequencies used or domestic appliances. you will notice that most countries have a well-defined plug and voltage standard. Many Latin-American, African and Asian countries, however, use a motley collection of – often incompatible – plugs and sometimes also the voltage differs from region to region. Obviously, this makes it very hard for travellers to assess what kind of power plug adapter or transformer they will need for their trip. Most countries the mains supply is between 220 and 240 volts (50 or 60 Hz); countries that operate on 100-127 volts are greatly outnumbered. Types A and C are the most frequently used electric plugs worldwide.

Power cord plug standards in the world
CountryvoltageHertzPlug Type
Argentina220V50HzEU plug
Armenia230V50HzUS plug
Australia230V50HzAU plug
Anguilla110V60HzUS plug
Bahamas120V60HzUS plug
Brazil220V60HzEU plug
Bulgaria230V50HzEU plug
Canada120V60HzUS plug
Colombia110V60HzUS plug
England230V50HzUK plug
France230V50HzEU plug
Gambia230V50HzUK plug
Great Britain 230V50HzUK plug
Haiti110V60HzUS plug
HongKong220V50HzUK plug
Iraq230V50HzUK plug
Italy230V50HzEU plug
Japan110V50/60HzUS plug
Mexico120V60HzUS plug

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