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Powe cord power plug and power socket the use of instructions

Powe cord power plug and power socket the use of instructions
Issue Time:2017-06-07

 The use of power cord power plug and power socket

    Power cord, Power plugs and Power sockets are indispensable products in our family life, but they also are frequently used dangerous goods. Every year a lot of fire, electric shock, burns, due to improper use of the consequences. Shenzhen Kuncan Electronics Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer, and it is specialized in customizing and producing power cord and power plugs factory, for people's daily life in the common problems, Shenzhen Kuncan Electronics Co.,Ltd remind:

1.  Power cord or power plug damage to the needs of replacement, should be replaced by professionals.

2. The use of home air conditioners,high-power microwave ovens and other large power of household appliances inserted in the smaller current value of the smaller power socket.

3. According to the electrical power to select the appropriate power cord, power plug and power socket, the power of the two kinds of household appliances do not plug in the same socket.

4. Plug the socket stabbed after the touch should be outstanding, there is no loose feeling, and do not have to be too hard to pull out.

5. When the power plug and the power socket does not correspond to the standard scale, do not artificially change the power plug scale or shape.

6. Found the power socket temperature is too high or showing the arc, ignition, power cord, power plug and socket touch bad,plug pierced too loose or too tight, it should stop using and replace.

7. The power plug only promised in the absence of current when piercing or unplugging, its capacity should not be less than the additional power of electrical equipment. But when the operation is not frequent and the capacity of 2.0 KW and below the resistance of electric equipment, power plug can be directly connected to the power cord, power plug and socket capacity to leave gaps in the wall. The socket should normally be installed on the insulating material and should be tightened and not movable.

8. Plug the piercing or pull out, use the other hand to the socket panel hard to hold, to avoid damage to the socket layout. Hand should be boring.

9. The power plug of the piercing or pullout, the hand should seize the power plug body, rather than its convergence wire. Plug into the stabbed after the strong and tight.

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