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How to maintain the AC power cord?

How to maintain the AC power cord?
Issue Time:2017-08-10

AC power cord maintenance

Now the growing number of householdappliances for general family, The AC power cord becomes a necessity for the useof household appliances. Ordinary family demand for AC power cord is growing, Butbecause of measurement errors, we always purchase of inappropriate AC power cordwhen we buy AC power cord for household appliances.

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So we generally buy a power line whenthey will buy a little longer, if you buy a short enough may also have tore-purchase, this will give us some trouble. So we buy the power cord will buysome time, and for a long time do not have the power cord, protection is also atrick, and today we talk to you about how we should be in life to maintain our AC power cord

AC power cord plugs generally placed inthe place to avoid exposure to sunlight and not wet, so that the power cordwill not rot

Corrosion, if the copper inside thedirect exposure to the outside, the next can not be used. There are also AC powercord plug placement

There is a certain requirement, if the AC power cord plug we temporarily do not, you can put it around and then tie up,around the Curvature of the bend in the course cannot be too much, this will make the inside of the copper wire damage, and evenmore serious will make the inside Copper broken, in the course of the usewill bring us very unnecessary trouble.

If it is the AC power cord plug at thewater, the cloth with a clean paint, and so dry and then plugged in, the lineis not necessarily stained with water. To panic, wipe with a cloth on theline. General power cord insulation is very good, unless there is a brokenmouth.

Home appliance AC power cord selection is correct ornot, not only directly affect the use of a variety of household appliances andlife, but also

Related to the safety of life andproperty of each family, it is necessary to understand the correct choice ofhousehold AC power cordProtect the AC power cord from damage.

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