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Dual USB car charger

Dual USB car charger
Issue Time:2017-08-16

Quick charge dual USB car charger

In recent years, car manufacturers have introduced various models of car charger, and with the smart phone performance more and more strong, the phone can be charged anytime, anywhere demand is more and more intense. Imagine, if driving out, mobile phones, Tablet PC to play for a while no electricity, and really is particularly worrying things. Now there is a car charging products, driving friends almost all used, that is, dual USB car charger.

May most of the owners will think that such a small thing all car charger manufacturers are doing almost, just pick a price is not cheap on the line. But with the evaluation of the progress of the charging current dummy problem, charging heat problems, LED small lights dazzling impact driving safety problems are beginning to show. So, dual usb car charger which is good?

With the development of the automobile industry, car charger is widely used, showing a multi-functional, portability, fashion characteristics. Circuit design should include overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating and short circuit protection, more effective protection of your electronic equipment shell should also use ABS flame retardant environmentally friendly materials, both beautiful and safe.

KUNCAN car charger equipped with the US regulation, the British regulations, the Austrian regulations and the European regulations of the four AC adapter; car charger, direct charge, USB charging as one to meet the different conditions of charging; dual USB output interface, Multiple electronic products are charged. And this product for the iPad about 4 hours to complete, you can take iPad to ride for a ride.

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